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We invest in space technologies beyond launch. This includes technologies critical to U.S. national security, advanced manufacturing in-space and on Earth, the space supply chain, and other technologies now enabled by low-cost launch.

You might be more likely to see a triple Jovian Eclipse on Jupiter than you are to see two fund managers like Jordan Noone and Jenna Bryant. A woman who at 22 years of age launched a career of pairing early-stage startups with the most in-demand engineers in the world, while simultaneously appearing on TV shows like Sleepy Hollow and The Detour. And an engineer who at 22 became the technical Co-Founder of a future unicorn hard tech startup that was building the world’s first 3D printed rocket, Relativity Space. We’ve experienced the magic that happens when you’re surrounded by skeptics, but you still roll your sleeves up and turn an idea from nothing to something. Our atypical and serendipitous industry experiences combined with our passion for the communities we represent, led us to the launch of Embedded Ventures — a new option for early-stage dual-use tech startups seeking capital…

aka The VC Remix.

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